Welcome at maddog-trains.com

Dear colleague train-friend,


The roots of Maddog-Trains BV go back to 1972, when I got (as a five year old boy) a Märklin starter-set with an extra locomotive. It was the 3003 and the 3087.

Several birthdays and gifts later, I could build my first train-track on a large table with bridges, villages, mountains, etc. This train track grew until 1984, when the room where the track was placed had to be cleared for different purposes: it became a study-room. All the trains were store in some boxes, and this seemed to be the end of my hobby.

 Nevertheless, in 1991 I more or less by accident bought a small Märklin train collection. I used bits and pieces for myself, and sold the rest. This was the start of a whole new activity: buying collections of trains, sorting them out, repairing them and selling them of in smaller pieces.

 That I did till 1998, when I got too busy with other activities, and stopped trading, and focussed on collecting Märklin only. Collecting I did now and then, some periods very active, and other not at all.Nevertheless, in 2007 due to some personal circumstances I had some more time to spend on the hobby, and started fanatically collecting again.

This was fun, and my collection expanded rapidly. But collecting only did not really satisfy me, so I started selling of doubles, and less interesting objects.

 Basically this was the beginning of Maddog-Trains BV. Having started with a small box of double items, we now run a large warehouse with over 2000 items, sell worldwide, and are an officially registered company in The Netherlands. I still have my first Marlin 3003 and 3087 displayed, and enjoy this hobby as never before.

Here, from my PC, I wish all the customers again lots of fun with the trains. And our motto remains: stay on track with us!


 Klaas-Jan Visser

Owner and director of Maddog-Trains BV