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About us

We are often away, travelling to purchase trains. For that reason, we prefer to ship your purchases. In case of exceptionally large and/or expensive objects, purchases can be picked up, but only after making an appointment (see below for email address).

Maddog-Trains BV does not have a showroom or a brick and mortar store. In that manner we keep costs and hence your prices low! 


Maddog-Trains BV

Oude Nieuwveenseweg 107

2441 CS Nieuwveen

The Netherlands



Email: klaasjan@maddog-trains.com

Tel: +31-6-53516664 (most efficient is to email us)


Chamber of commerce: 28096054

VAT: NL8226.36.542.B01

Rabobank: 118162489

IBAN: NL57 RABO 0118 1624 89


Paypal: payments@maddog-trains.com